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Sports and Specialized Eyeglasses Fitting

sports eyewear Twenty-twenty vision is not the whole picture when it comes to eyesight. The great eyesight you need to function at peak performance encompasses more than just visual acuity, consisting of peripheral vision, depth perception, and hand-eye coordination among others. Whether you play golf, racquet sports, baseball, basketball, football or others sports, you need your eyes to function at their best.

That is why you may benefit from a visit to your optometrist, even if you have 20/20 eyesight. A routine eye exam is fairly comprehensive, yet it does not usually include the types of tests that assess the visual skills needed for high performance sports. Sports eye exams can even be tailored to meet the specific needs of your class of activities. Such eye tests may involve 3D images, moving images, and reaction times during hand-eye coordination assessments. You may even be examined to see how your vision performs outdoors while moving.

Some sports vision specialists go even further, attending their clients’ games, and watching videos of them in action.

It is common for pro level athletes to undergo rigorous eyesight testing and enhancement. College athletes and serious high school sports players do too. Other specialized activities that benefit from unique eye care include airplane pilots and police officers.

Just as people can work on hand-eye coordination, a comprehensive sports vision training program may help you develop your sports vision skills until they become second nature.

Specialized eyewear, like anti-glare eyewear and polarized eyewear, can make a huge difference for outdoor sports, especially water activities and skiing. Wrap around glasses offer added protection during sports that include flying objects or put your eyes at the mercy of the elements.

For more information, ask your eye doctor about specialized eyewear and eye care for your sport. Visit our Specialty Eyewear section.

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