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Patient FAQs

The Doctors at TSO Santa Fe want to make sure that you receive all of the information that you need to make educated decisions about your eye health. We are always available to answer your questions.

Dr. Mayra Tovias answers frequently asked questions:

Q: Is wearing makeup or eye mascara harmful to the eyes?

A: Not at all! Wearing eye makeup that is oil-free and non-comedogenic is safe to use as long as you are practicing healthy habits. I recommend not sharing eye makeup with others, discarding mascara and other eye products as recommended by the manufacturer, washing brushes/sponges frequently, throwing away anything that comes in contact with the eyes if there is an active infection, and avoid wearing glittery makeup that can irritate the eyes.

Q: Why do I need to scan my retinas/back of the eye?

A: It is necessary to be able to see the retina(the back structure of the eye) in order to monitor and detect any abnormal conditions that might be present in patients. Many conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachments, and malignant melanomas cannot be detected and seen unless we get a view of the back of the eye. Going to get an eye exam without looking at the back of the eye is like going to get a physical without getting blood work drawn, therefore looking at the back of the eye becomes one of the most important parts of the eye exam.

Q: Are disposable contact lenses good for my eyes?

A: Daily disposable contact lenses are lenses meant to be thrown away at the end of one day of usage. Disposable contact lenses are the most convenient, healthiest and safest type of contact lenses available because the use of a fresh pair of lenses every day minimizes the chance for build-up of harmful pathogens on the lens surface. Don’t hesitate to come by and get fit into these lenses if you want to start experiencing improved comfort and convenience in your contact lenses.

Q: Can I wear my contact lenses while I sleep?

A: Even though I highly discourage this practice as it can increase the chances of getting eye infections, eye discomfort, and problems with vision, many of the contact lenses fit today for daily wear are approved by the FDA to be worn overnight. I suggest you come in and get fit into one of these contact lens brands if not doing so already, if you plan on wearing them occasionally while sleeping.

Q: Should I wear sunglasses in the winter?

A: Of course! It is very important that we all protect ourselves from the damaging effects caused by UV radiation from the sun. UV radiation can cause a lot of damage to the eyes including progression of cataracts, macular degeneration, cancerous eye lesions and pingueculas (growth of tissue in the white part of the eye). Always wear sun protection, even in the winter, for maximum protection against the sun’s damaging effects.

Q: At what age should my child have his/her eyes examined?

A: I recommend having your child examined as early as the age of 6 months. This is especially important in order to detect and correct any significant prescription, eye misalignments, and other vision disorders that might affect the child’s development and vision later on in life. If all is normal, I recommend having the next vision exam at the age of 3 and then each year thereafter.

Q: Can kids wear contact lenses?

A: Yes, absolutely! I find that the best time to get a patient started on contact lenses is not based on age but more on the maturity and responsibility of a patient. Once a patient demonstrates that he/she has that capability, contact lenses can be an excellent option, especially for kids involved in sports and extracurricular activities where glasses can become a hinderance to their optimal performance.

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