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Latisse™: an advanced eyelash procedure that enhances the length and look of your eyelashes. Hypotrichosis, is the technical term for scarce eyelashes, and Latisse™ is one of the most popular options to expand them, making each eyelash darker, thicker and longer. Do you recognize your eyelids in the images below? Think about this new treatment.

Latisse before and afterThere are 2 ways Latisse™ increases eyelashes. It helps eyelashes grow by lengthening the growth phase, as well as boosting the number of eyelashes during this stage.

Our Optometry Clinic offers Latisse™.

The Latisse™ procedure is easy. The solution is applied before bed to the base of your upper eyelashes, where growth occurs. Eyelash enhancement becomes noticeable within 4 weeks, and fully enhanced eyelashes are achieved in a mere 4 months. Growth is a gradual process, but diligence yields results with Latisse™.

As with many procedures, there are some side effects noted by Latisse™ users, but they are generally not severe. Common complaints include itchiness and/or redness in the eyes.

You can ask our eye doctors for more information about whether you are a good candidate for Latisse™ improvement. Call or see us today for an expert Latisse™ analysis. Check out more about LATISSE™

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